About the Podcasters

Barbara Luhring

Lead podcaster – Barb will talk to anyone.

Caitlin Oleson

Daughter of Barbara, student at Eugene Lang College – New School, New York, NY. First podcast, Hilly Kristal of CBGB, best podcast, Steel Bridge SongFest, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Elizabeth Kiracofe

Summer intern at Northern Door Children’s Center doing graphics and advertising for the annual Car raffle currently designing the Center’s new website. Podcast with Marge Grutzmacher, her boss at her second job at the bookstore.

Gregg Luhring

Protector of Barbara & Caitlin. No podcasts yet. Used to do the weekly movie listings until lack of interest overcame Gregg and the listeners both.

2 Responses to About the Podcasters

  1. Avatar Christine Stone
    Christine Stone says:

    2 suggestions for future podcasts

    Tom Groenfeldt, photographer
    201 406 8285, groenfeldt@aol.com

    family has long associations with the Door

    and a really interesting artist

    Chad Luberger
    Plum Bottom Pottery | 4999 Plum Bottom Road | Egg Harbor, WI 54209 | 920.743.2819

  2. Avatar Margaret Welsh
    Margaret Welsh says:

    Hi Barbara – a friend of mine was googling me and found your pod cast! That was such a fun day (Steel Bridge 2007). Anyway, quick favor – could you change my name from “Welch” to “Welsh”? Thanks so much, Margaret