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  • Steel Bridge SongFest 4 this weekend in Sturgeon Bay!

    Jackson Browne and Margaret Welch
    Barbara Luhring here to remind you that the wait is over – Steel Bridge SongFest 4 is here and ready to rock historic downtown Sturgeon Bay! Visit SteelBridgeSongFest.org and get the times and venues of over 100 musical acts, culminating with Saturday’s concert at the foot of the bridge under the canopy at Great Lakes Yacht Services. pat mAcdonald, Jackson Browne, Jane Wiedlin, Freedy Johnston, Eric McFadden, Blueheels, Tony Brown, Ruby James, Geri X, James Hall, Kim Manning, will be joined by newcomers Louise Goffin, Victor DeLorenzo among many, many others. Preservation rocks!

    Listen to our huge archive of SBSF podcasts by clicking here.

    Pictured above Jackson Browne and Margaret Welch of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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  • The Sounds of the Steel Bridge Songfest 3

    Norb & friends

    Christie Weber and pat mAcdonald organized quite a show and once again Door Pod Show was there! Recorded June 14-16, 2007, this series of podcasts on the topic of the fabulous Steel Bridge Songfest are Door Pod Show’s most ambitious production yet. The 17 audio files were pared down from over 100 recordings done over a three day period. And yes, it took me a long time to complete, but I think the results are worth it.
    Here are a few things to keep in mind. Several files were recorded backstage and have lots of LOUD background noise. There was also lots of wind and some of the recordings reflect that, most notably the interview with Paulie Rocco. I think the interviews are worth the noise however and encourage you to give each one a listen. The podcasts include interviews with Jackson Browne, Jane Wiedlin, Jonathon Spottiswoode, James Hall, Chris Aaron, Ruby James, Tony Brown, Melanie Jane, Catacombs of Rome and many, many more artists. And don’t miss Margaret Welch of the National Trust for Historic Preservation who gives a shout out to Christie and pat for their hard work in preserving the Sturgeon Bay steel bridge. This year the podcasts are organized differently this year, into smaller audio files as opposed to the long all inclusive podcast format from last year. Be sure to tell me what you think of the new set-up and enjoy Steel Bridge Songfest 3!

    This first podcast features interviews at the Holiday Motel with Chris Aaron, Susan Hall, Kris Doty and Eric McFadden.

  • Door County Icon Series: A conversation with Dan Peterson of the Viking Grill, home of the outdoor fish boil

    Dan Peterson
    Dan Peterson has owned the Viking Grill & Lounge in Ellison Bay since 1984 and in that time his name has become synonymous with the Door County fish boil. Barbara Luhring talks to Dan about his history with this iconic Door County meal that dates back to his childhood in Baileys Harbor when his parents ran the Panter Hotel. Along the way you’ll get the inside story on running a busy Door County restaurant as well as what it’s like to take the fish boil on-the-road. Listen in!

    Photo credit: Fish boil photo taken by Dan Johnson

  • Door County History Project: Anne Emerson’s lifelong dedication to engaging her community through the arts


    Women’s Fund of Door County presents Episode 3 of The Door County History Project. 

    Anne Emerson has created community coalitions that led to the establishment of  some of Door County’s most beloved arts entities. They include: Friends of Gibraltar, the Door Community Auditorium and most recently Write On Door County.

    Her life in Door County began in 1969 when she moved to Fish Creek to help her mother, Irene Haberland, open an art gallery. Edgewood Orchard Galleries continues to be heralded for their exhibitions exploring ideas in a wide range of media and has become one of the Midwest’s most respected art galleries.

    Anne and her husband, the architect and artist Minnow Emerson, ran the gallery until their daughter Nell and her husband J.R. Jarosh took over.

    She has received statewide recognition for her advocacy of the arts, receiving the Governor’s Award in Support of the Arts in 1987 and the Visual Arts Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. She is also honored be among those who have received the Door County Community Foundation Philanthropist of the Year Award.

     Listen in as Anne discusses art and life in a small community with Caitlin Oleson.

    Recorded history is by and large the history of men. It’s written by men about men. That means the stories of brilliant, quirky, brave, adventurous, and trailblazing women are generally left for people to discover by accident in the footnotes of the history of men. That’s as true in Door County as it is everywhere else.

    The  Women’s Fund of Door County is helping spread the word of the important contributions made by the fearless females of the Door Peninsula through these audio podcasts.

    Learn more about the Women’s Fund of Door County: Click Here


    Click the graphic below to listen:

  • Door County History Project: Megan Lundahl and Tales of Our Lives

    When Women’s Fund of Door County board members Nikki Hedeen and Megan Lundahl founded Tales of Our Lives story slam back in 2013, they were hoping to create an event for the WFDC that would appeal to a younger demographic. They accomplished their goal and as a result had two years of sell-out performances.

    That led this dynamic duo to add a second evening featuring the same performances and as the dates for this year’s show sneak up on us (March 3 & 4) sales are brisk!

    Listen in as co-founder Megan Lundahl gives a bit of history of this fabulous event showcasing the lives of women and one young man from Door County in spoken word.

    Tales of Our Lives

    More about Tales of Our Lives: Facebook.com/Tales of Our Lives 2016

    Women’s Fund’s Story Slam is Back – Now Two Nights!

    Please join the Women’s Fund of Door County on Thursday, March 3rd or Friday, March 4th for their spectacular annual event, Tales of Our Lives – A Story Slam: Empowerment Through Performance. A story slam is more than just storytelling, it’s a rare glimpse into the storytellers’ lives and how they have been transformed into the people they have become. These engaging stories range from funny to sad, from heartwarming to heart wrenching, each offering a unique and authentic gift from the storyteller as they share a piece of themselves with their audience.

    This year’s storytellers will be Laurel Brooks, Cassie Potter Hitzman, Ruby James, Caitlin Oleson, Gay Pustaver, Sally Slattery, Isaiah Spetz and Virge Temme, with musical interludes once again by Dorothy Scott and Jess Holland. Tales of Our Lives is on Thursday, March 3rd and Friday, March 4th at the Door County Fire Company in downtown Sturgeon Bay. Social hour starts at 6:00 p.m. and the stories will begin at 7:00 p.m. Complimentary local baked goods and Door County Coffee will be served. A cash bar will be available, including drink specials also benefitting the fund. Both men and women are encouraged to attend. Content is for mature audiences, young adults under parental guidance welcome!

    FOR TICKETS CALL  920-746-1786

    Podcast production and editing by Barb Luhring.

  • Door County History Project: Origin of the Women’s Fund of Door County

    Welcome to the inaugural podcast of the Door County History Project, presented by the Women’s Fund of Door County. This is the first in a series highlighting the contributions of females to the history of Door County.

    Recorded history is by and large the history of men. It’s written by men about men. That means the stories of brilliant, quirky, brave, adventurous, and trailblazing women are generally left for people to discover by accident in the footnotes of the history of men. That’s as true in Door County as it is everywhere else.

    That’s why we are NOT calling this series Door County Women’s History Project. The history of women IS history and these audio podcasts will bring you interviews with and tales of Door County’s own brilliant, quirky, brave, adventurous, and trailblazing females!

    Our first effort features an interview with WFDC’s ‘founding mothers’ Jane Stevenson and B.J. Cassidy. Listen in and you’ll learn what led to the creation of the WFDC and what lies ahead for this dynamic, nimble organization.

    Learn more about the Women’s Fund of Door County: Click Here

    Podcast production and editing by Barb Luhring