Door County History Project: Anne Emerson’s lifelong dedication to engaging her community through the arts


Women’s Fund of Door County presents Episode 3 of The Door County History Project. 

Anne Emerson has created community coalitions that led to the establishment of  some of Door County’s most beloved arts entities. They include: Friends of Gibraltar, the Door Community Auditorium and most recently Write On Door County.

Her life in Door County began in 1969 when she moved to Fish Creek to help her mother, Irene Haberland, open an art gallery. Edgewood Orchard Galleries continues to be heralded for their exhibitions exploring ideas in a wide range of media and has become one of the Midwest’s most respected art galleries.

Anne and her husband, the architect and artist Minnow Emerson, ran the gallery until their daughter Nell and her husband J.R. Jarosh took over.

She has received statewide recognition for her advocacy of the arts, receiving the Governor’s Award in Support of the Arts in 1987 and the Visual Arts Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. She is also honored be among those who have received the Door County Community Foundation Philanthropist of the Year Award.

 Listen in as Anne discusses art and life in a small community with Caitlin Oleson.

Recorded history is by and large the history of men. It’s written by men about men. That means the stories of brilliant, quirky, brave, adventurous, and trailblazing women are generally left for people to discover by accident in the footnotes of the history of men. That’s as true in Door County as it is everywhere else.

The  Women’s Fund of Door County is helping spread the word of the important contributions made by the fearless females of the Door Peninsula through these audio podcasts.

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