Door County Icon Series: A conversation between Al Johnson and Norbert Blei

al_johnson_norb_blei-14/23/13 Update: Norbert Blei passed away this morning and in honor of him and his really good friend the late Al Johnson, I am moving this interview to the top of the feed. Norb draws lots of great stories out of his Swedish pal and it’s really fun to listen to. RIP Norb Blei and your great friend Al Johnson.

Good friends and Door County Icons Al Johnson and Norbert Blei cover allot of material in this almost hour-long discussion of Door County past and present. Among the topics: the “counter culture” at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant, Emma Husby, Eddie Valentine, Wink Larson, Baldy Bridenhagen, Ingert Johnson and the Johnson family, condominiums and of course – goats on one’s roof. Barbara Luhring listens in to this fascinating and many times hilarious conversation. You should listen in too.

This is a large MP3 file and will take a while to download on dial-up.

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