Door Pod Show: Barbara Luhring talks “The Lowdown” with Door County author/editor Rob Zoschke

Photograph by author Bob Arnold
Photograph by author Bob Arnold

Barbara Luhring talks with Door County author Rob Zoschke about his second edition of the literary compilation, The Lowdown.

In this second edition Zoschke again gathers his tribe of 50 contributors to produce a 200+ page work that celebrates the richness of image and verse. This book is meant to be savored, to linger over and return to. Salty, spicy and sweet all at once!

Listen in to our conversation about Rob’s cast of contributors including Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the late Norbert Blei and visual artist Jennifer Lee.

Please note – you can purchase copies of The Lowdown by contacting Rob and sending him $36.00 for the book (includes postage and handling).

The Lowdown
edited by Robert M. Zoschke
Street Corner Press
PO Box 38
Ellison Bay, WI. 54210

Correction: Jude Genereaux, longtime partner of Norb Blei, reminded us that Norb was diagnosed with a rare form of esophageal cancer in March of 2010. Norb passed away in April of 2013 from complications of cancer, not of the cancer itself.

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