On-The-Road: Caitlin Oleson talks with CBGB founder, Hilly Kristal

It was announced in 2004 that New York City’s iconic punk club CBGB may face closure in the near future. Its’ lease expired on August 31, 2005, and talks between the property owner (Bowery Residents Committee) and club founder Hilly Kristal had stalled over alleged unpaid rent and safety concerns. Caitlin Oleson talks with Hilly Kristal at his iconic club CBGB in the Bowery, NYC. Kristal has been remarkably sanguine in the face of the fact that perhaps CBGB’s time has come as the neighborhood continues its gentrification. (This was the first podcast interview Hilly Kristal ever granted.)
Hilly Kristal
Caitlin Oleson and Hilly Kristal at CBGB.

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